Dental Technology Chicago IL


Digital X-Rays Mean Less Radiation

Digital Dental Xrays Chicago ILWe use only digital X-rays at our practice, with a 75% reduction in radiation over traditional X-rays. After we place a digital sensor in your mouth, the image is available immediately on our viewing screen. We also have the capability to provide a panoramic image of both your upper and lower teeth with one scan. No harmful chemicals are used to develop the images, reducing environmental pollution.

A New Approach in Professional Teeth Cleaning

We use the Piezo Scaler™, which is an advancement in removing plaque and calculus deposits to make your teeth the cleanest they can be. This hand tool even cleans deposits under gum tissue to effectively reduce gum disease. Using the high-frequency vibrations with this scaler, build-up is removed much faster, with little to no discomfort.

Three-Dimensional Dentistry

3 Dimential Dentistry Chicago ILWe are one of the first practices in our area with 3-D imaging technology. With this CT digital technology, we can produce an X-ray that is much more accurate than two-dimensional X-rays, and do so with less radiation exposure. Our dentists can clearly see a patient's oral anatomy as it is, in three dimensions. These cone beam images make for greater accuracy in any dental work being performed, especially for oral surgeries.

Seeing Is Believing

With cosmetic imaging, you can have a sneak preview of your new smile before any work begins. Our advanced, computerized imaging will display a new smile with reshaped gums, or implanted, whitened, or straightened teeth. You will be very excited to see the changes that can be made and want to move forward with treatment for a great, new smile.

Technology That Lets You See for Yourself

Intra Oral Dental Camera - Chicago ILWe work with each patient so they understand all the work that needs to be done. The intra-oral camera provides a clear and close-up picture of all your teeth, so you can see exactly what is going on with your teeth and be a part of making informed decisions for treatment. Patients are pleased to participate, and you will be too!

Let Fresh Breath Be Yours Again

Chronic bad breath is often a sign of a more serious health problem. Often gum infection is present, which can have an effect on your overall health and energy level. We have a Fresh Breath Center at our practice that provides advanced diagnosis of this problem with an appropriate treatment. Don't wait any longer to improve your health and have a better social life.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (773) 582-0035.